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What size bifold door do I need?

The size of the bifold is based on the Opening size. The bifold is always undersized.

Example: A 35” x 80” bifold means the bifold Fits to the opening of 35” x 80”

The most popular standard sizes for a bifold are as below

---2DR bifold are 18", 20", 24", 28", ,30", ,32", 36",

---4DR bifold are 48", 60", 72",

any size from 18" up to 36" could be made by Custome orders.

What is the best size of a bifold door for an opening of 76"?

any sizes more than 36" up to 48", could be ordered on Solid core bi-fold. since the maximum door width on each panel can't exceed 24".

1-first solution: less expensive

Make the opening narrower to 72" by adding a piece of 2" wood on each side and taking advantage of a standard door 72 x 80 with a reasonable price

2-Second Solution: more expensive

Order a custom MDF 4DR bifold door to fit the opening of 76" (it costs 5 to 6 times more vs hollow core)