How to Measure for Machining Slab

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Hinges are measured from the top of the door to the top of the hinge

You do this one for the active door and once for the inactive door (if it is a double unit). Usually, the inactive hinge locations are the same as the active door, but it is best to verify.


How to measure the arch on the archtop doors

For measuring the arch you need the following information:

  • Rise
  • Spring Line
  • Template of the arch or Radius 


PIVOT Door System: Detailed Machining Measurements

To measure your door slab correctly for a pivot door system, follow these instructions:

  1. Door Height: Measure the door from the top to the bottom. Place your measuring tape at the top corner of the door and extend it straight down to the bottom corner. Record this measurement as the door height.

  2. Door Width: Measure the door across its width. Start at the left corner and extend your measuring tape horizontally to the right corner. Be sure to measure the door in three places: top, middle, and bottom, and use the smallest measurement to ensure the door will fit.

  3. Latch Location from Top: To determine the latch location, measure from the top of the door to where the latch mechanism will be placed. This is typically where the door will catch or latch onto the frame or another mechanism to stay closed.

  4. Distance from the Door Edge to the Center of the Top Pivot Hinge: For this measurement, you'll need to find the exact placement for the top pivot hinge. Measure from the edge of the door to where the center of the top pivot hinge will be installed. Ensure that this is consistent with the specifications of your pivot hardware.

  5. Distance from the Door Edge to the Center of the Bottom Pivot Hinge: Similarly, measure from the edge of the door to where the center of the bottom pivot hinge will be installed. This should align with the top hinge to maintain balance and ensure smooth operation.

Always double-check your measurements for accuracy and consult the pivot door system's installation guide for specific details related to your hardware. If you're uncertain or if this is a critical installation, it might be worth having a professional take the measurements to ensure precision.

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